Vivo del Plastico



本体全長:114mm 21.5-24.0g
with Dos Cactus #0

01 Mestizo Bone [MZ-BN] Maracas
02 Vintage Shad Blue Metallic [VS-BM] Maracas
03 Azarashi Blue Gray [AZ-BG] Maracas
04 Afro Tribal [AT] Knocker
05 SKULL [SKL] Knocker

リリース後、早々にSold OutしていたVivo DPのボーン・ヴァージョン新色!

津波ルアーズが考えるプラスチックペンシルの全てを凝縮した、ブランド初のインジェクション・ペンシルベイト=Vivo del Plastico(ヴィーヴォ・デル・プラスティコ)は、敢えてアナクロな二次元シェイプ、そして斜め45°浮き。スライド、スケート、ターン、そしてダイブ、全方向3Dアクションを容易にこなします。



All of the consideratin of the pencil bait by Tsunami Lures are condensed here.
The brand's first injection pencil bait, Vivo del Plastico, floats diagonally at 45 °. Easily slide, skate, turn, and dive.
The material is polycarbonate or bone (ABS), each of which has two versions of knocker (movable stainless steel weight) and maracas (movable stainless steel weight + glass rattle), and polycarbonate has a silent (fixed stainless steel weight). So there are a lot of sound variation. Also, It has variations in visual effects such as transpalent, reflectors, bones, and plating.

* Bone material is characterized by its rattle sound and its high-pitched tone when the hook and the body touch, and it is known that it sometimes exerts tremendous power.


1st ver.はこちら